Colourful Rings You'll Love

There's no denying that coloured stones are having their moment.

While we'll always love a classic engagement ring with white diamonds, there's something about coloured stones that make our hearts flutter.

Our latest Eternity rings feature a variety of gemstones that ensure you'll stand out from the crowd.

Whether it be for an engagement ring, wedding band, push present, birthday birthstone, we've got you covered.

Stunning and unique, coloured stones are a beautiful way for ladies to express style and show off their individuality with romantic red hues, gorgeous greens and bright yellows.

Click through to see our favourite rings from Emerald Coast and Opulence collection featuring colourful gemstones and some coloured diamonds.


Eternity Rings






Forever Eternity Emerald Ring 


Green with envy.

The birthstone of May, this ring features alternating 5 x 0.38ct green emeralds with round diamonds.






Princess Eternity Ruby Ring

The most romantic of them all and July birthstone.

This eternity ring features 5 x 0.38ct princess cut ruby with alternating round white diamonds in rose gold setting.




Classic Eternity Yellow Sapphire Ring


Glow with the Classic Eternity Yellow Sapphire ring and September birthstone.

The stunning piece features 5 x 0.38ct yellow baguette sapphire and 1 point round diamonds in alternating half-bezel set contemporary style.





Always Eternity Pink Sapphire Ring

Pretty In Pink with our rose gold set and September birthstone.

This ring features alternating 5 x 0.38ct Oval pink sapphires in a claw setting and small brilliant diamonds in a bead setting.





Brilliant Eternity Sapphire Ring

The perfect 'Something Blue' for your special day or your September birthstone.

This gorgeous ring features alternating brilliant 5 x 0.38ct blue sapphires and round diamonds with a four-claw setting in polished 18ct white gold.




Always Eternity Ring 


We can't forget the colourless diamond, the birthstone of April. Opt for different yellow gold metal for a unique look.

This Always Eternity Ring features alternating 5 x 0.2ct Oval and Round diamonds with four-claw set scalloped design in polished gold finish.



Brilliant Eternity Ring


Shine bright with this beautiful alternating 5 x 0.20ct Brilliant diamonds set in four-claw setting in polished 18ct white gold.



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Opulence Rings








Lavish Sapphire Ring


Set in rose gold with 3.0ct centre champagne diamond and vibrant pink sapphires that surround the stone.





Vibrant Splendour Ring

8ct white gold with three round cut yellow diamonds.




Indulgence Ring


18ct rose gold ring with emerald cut champagne diamond.




Grandeur Diamond Ring

18ct rose gold ring with pear diamonds on each side and a brilliant 2ct centre champagne diamond. 



Till next time.

xx CM Team.