Custom Piece Of The Month

In our new blog post series, we're putting the spotlight on our Custom Piece Of The Month.

We absolutely adore our clients and working with them to create their own unique pieces.

This time around, we had the pleasure of designing an Oval champagne diamond engagement ring with alternating diamonds which was inspired by our VINO ring.

First up, our bride-to-be Jessica offers a glimpse into her romantic proposal by fiancé Giovanni at Ruby Red Flamingo.

Read all the details below, along with some cute snaps of the couple.



How did you and your fiancé meet?

Gio and I met through mutual friends and from day one we just got along like a house on fire! We just kept bumping into each other at events or out and about then chatting turned into messaging then calling then dating and 3 years later here we are!


Share with us your engagement story.

Our first date was at Ruby Red Flamingo in North Adelaide and it is a tradition for Gio to take me back there every year on the anniversary of our first date. When Gio told me to keep Wednesday night free I knew the date and knew right away it was our annual dinner at Ruby Red! We both worked during the day then headed to the restaurant together for what I thought was a normal night out! He seemed extra happy when we got there as he always asks for the same table and it was our lucky night because it was available (little did I know he had arranged for it to be available!).

The waitress brought over the menus and got us some drinks, she then asked if we wanted to see the specials and although I knew what I wanted I thought I would still have a peek! The waitress then brought out the specials board which read "today's special - Jess will you marry me" and I thought I was in a dream! I turned to Gio who was down on one knee with the ring in its box and the whole restaurant started clapping for us! It was so surreal and unbelievable - true Gio style!


At the restaurant, Gio told me he had spoken to my parents to let them know we would pop in after for a celebratory drink! When we arrived at my parents I was completely surprised once again to see that all of my family and all of Gio's family were waiting there to celebrate with us! It was the perfect night and one I am still pinching myself about!


What drew you to Cassandra Mamone pieces?

Having friends that have had jewellery designed by Cassandra and seeing her amazing work on Instagram and Facebook I always commented on her beautiful and unique designs compared to other jewellers where all rings looked the same! Little did I know - Gio was taking note!!


Tell us the details about your ring. What was the process like with you?

I've always loved coloured stones and rose gold designs and my ring is exactly that! A beautifully set 1.6 carat oval champagne diamond on Cassandra's famous rose gold VINO band. The ring is so delicate, feminine and unique and the stone is incredible looking in different lighting! I love everything about it - the combination of the alternate diamond band with the stunning stone is just the perfect combination.

Giovanni: “From the minute I met Cassandra she made me feel incredibly welcomed and was very helpful in meeting my needs and providing me with her expert opinion. For a guy, it’s a very daunting process yet I felt extremely confident and comfortable with Cassandra’s approach. Cassandra was able to provide multiple options for me on the diamond in order to make the right decision. There was no time where Cassandra was pushy she was always helpful and kept going above and beyond for me to make the right choice. The champagne stone was the first one she showed me and after other options, we came back to the first option as it went perfectly with the band. Once the stone was picked and the band was finalized it was an easy process to get made and Cassandra always kept me updated on the progress. She was fantastic at providing the final product within the timeframe for me!”
What are your wedding plans?

We have travelled overseas multiple times together, visited stunning countries and cities and some of our best memories together were shared abroad and for that reason, we have decided to have a destination wedding! Now we have the fun task of exploring the many beautiful locations in the world and deciding where we would like to tie the knot! We are aiming for May or June next year so we had better get cracking!








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