Engagement Feature: Emma & Brandon

We love sharing our clients' love stories with you especially their proposal story.

Meet our feature couple, Emma and Brandon.

Emma and Brandon fell for each other when they were both working at Skycity Adelaide Casino.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Brandon came to our studio wanting to find a custom forever piece for Emma.

Cassandra created a beautiful D colourless oval diamond ring, set with a sparkling halo on a half-round band in 18ct white gold.

We caught up with Brandon and Emma as they share with us their love story and ring design process with Cassandra.

Congratulations again from all of us here in the studio!







We met through our workplaces at the time, which was the SkyCity Adelaide Casino.

I was security and Emma worked in the VIP bar. I would say hello to her when she walked past and she didn't give me the time of day...haha.

I persisted and she finally gave in and said hello back.



Haha, I'm honestly a really shy person so I get scared to say anything, but when he used to walk past me in the corridor at work, he would say hello Ms Partington, which was quite a unique way of greeting me, so definitely got him on my radar.

It was then one night at work in which I saw him and I thought he just looks really cute, I should just message him.

We started messaging quite a lot after this and I guess the rest is history. I will always be so thankful for my job at the casino as it allowed me to meet the man of my dreams.





Originally, we had been watching The Bachelor when Cassandra was on it, and that's how we found out that she was an Adelaide girl and had her own jewellery business.

I remember looking at her Instagram for the first time and thinking how beautiful all the pieces were and that her whole business had a really lovely vibe.

Even watching her on The Bachelor, we could see she had such a lovely personality and presence and this very much comes across in her business and Instagram.

The more we both spent browsing her Instagram, the more we fell in love with everything, especially because a lot of the pieces are one of a kind. She has really created such a special business.





I also like to support local businesses and people so this was a great avenue.










Our story isn’t one that will go down in the ages, however to us it was special.

\I had outlined a plan to pop the question in a foreign place, with a nice view, surrounded by friends.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 put a quick stop to this haha.

We have been talking about it for quite some time however I had put up enough smoke and mirrors that eventually Emma thought I may never do it, or that she would have to be the one to get down on one knee haha!

The day of, started off simple and normal and I had a day off work, so we visited my sister, her fiancé and our little nephew Atlas.

Emma loves little Atlas and its very noticeable.

Watching her play and interact with him makes me really want to see her interact with our own child one day, so with all the feels around this, I made a decision that when we get home this is it. Its time.

We got ready for bed and relaxed and naturally, the conversation came up again… this time I knew what I wanted to do. 

She asked me (genuinely) when we would and I said: “what if I asked you now?” I commando rolled off the bed onto one knee holding her hand (with the ring conveniently placed) pulled it out and asked… Up until that white box came out and I opened the top she still thought I was joking around.

I can’t tell you I remember her saying “yes” to which she will say otherwise but with reading this I think she did!



I feel like I am pretty good at catching onto things, but he had my completely fooled this whole time.

I totally thought he was joking the whole time that night because we do talk about getting engaged a lot, but when he pulled that little white box out I think I went into total shock.


I burst into tears and was shaking because he caught me completely off guard, but it was the best moment of my life and I definitely said YES!.


I had been dreaming about this day for most of my life and it could not have been more perfect.

I am glad he did it in such an intimate way, it made it more special, plus it was the gesture itself that meant more to me than anything.     











The process for me being a male unaware of all the ins & outs of this was quite daunting.

However, with the help of the lovely Veronica, she walked me through the 4 C’s and I did my own research.

From that initial consultation, I made up my mind that I wanted Veronica & Cass’s assistance for this piece.

I had a few points that were required in the design and I can safely say Cass blew my expectations out of the water.

I was so impressed and happy that this is the ring Emma will wear forever.

A Cassandra Mamone original piece.



Although I wasn’t part of the design process, the ring could not be more perfect.

When I could finally see the ring properly through my tears, I was completely blown away.

I had sent Brandon a few pictures of rings I liked, I guess trying to hint to him at the time, however, this ring is even beyond my wildest dreams.

I could not have designed anything better.

I love how much it sparkles and I really think the clean band compliments and makes the diamond stand out, giving it a real classic look.

I am so in love with this ring and want to show the whole world. I am so lucky to be able to wear this for the rest of my life.

I also love how Cassandra Mamone pieces are original, so makes it that much more special to me.










Currently, our priorities lie with buying a house first at this stage and planning our engagement party for the end of this year, but that definitely hasn’t stopped me from looking at a sneaky wedding dress here and there and following a few bridal Instagram pages.

I have also dreamt of the day I can buy a bridal magazine, and that day is finally here, haha.

We both cannot wait to have our special day but know there is definitely no rush.






Cass & Veronica are an amazing team.

The process was very smooth, they have great knowledge and service between them and not to mention the patience to deal with my indecisiveness when choosing the perfect diamond!

I was very impressed with the overall process from the first consult to picking up the diamond and would be more than happy to recommend this amazing team to others.



Cass & Veronica have made such a special time for us, that much more special.

They helped Brandon so much with designing the most perfect and stunning engagement ring for me and I could not thank them enough.

I had the pleasure of meeting both of them at the stunning Adelaide studio and they were honestly two of the loveliest people I have ever met.

They both possess so much knowledge and professionalism, yet have such a warm presence and make you feel very special.

Both Cass and her team have created such an extraordinary jewellery business and I could not recommend them enough.   




Thank you for sharing your love story with us!  

💕  The CM Team 

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