Stay At Home With Cassandra

With many of us staying at home now, we thought we would share our tips to keep you occupied while social distancing.

Keep calm and carry on.





If you're working from home it's important to find a calm and clutter-free spot for you to work.




Set up a FaceTime or phone call dates with friends and family. 

This is the time to stay connected. 




This is the time to take it easy and enjoy your morning by taking your time making your coffee or tea. 





Dust off your old cookbooks and start cooking! 

Become the next Martha Stewart by cooking a mean vegan lasagna.  



Have your own spa day at home complete with a relaxing bath.

Don't forget to add in Epsom salts (great for relaxing) and lavender oil for a dreamy bathtime. 




It's important to get some fresh air while staying at home if you can. 

Venture out to your balcony or your garden for that much-needed air. 


What are your tips for staying productive at home? 

💕  The CM Team