Wedding Celebrations: Patrice & Jimmy

Happy New Year!

We're starting our first blog of the new decade with a beautiful wedding celebration.

Newlyweds Patrice and Jimmy had a stunning church ceremony back in October.

Cassandra had the pleasure of designing Patrice's sparkly engagement ring - an Emerald diamond ring with a diamond halo in 18ct white gold.

As their big day came together, we worked with both of them again to complete their wedding ring sets.

We caught up with Patrice and looked back on hers and Jimmy's big day.

Congratulations again to the happy couple!


Where and when did you get married - tell us a little bit about your special day? 

We got married on October 19th. We had a traditional Macedonian Orthodox Ceremony at Jimmy's family church in Woodville.

It was full of beautiful traditions such as being crowned in church, having our hands wrapped together to symbolise our unity and our first walk around the altar as husband and wife.

We then took our bridal party into the city and had photos at the Adelaide Uni.

That was such a fun part of the day just getting to relax and hang out with our friends, and processing that we had just gotten married!

Our reception was at Plant 4 in Bowden. We wanted it to feel like a big party and that's exactly what it was!

We had traditional Greek and Macedonian music all night and danced until 12:30 pm.

It was such a fun night!


Tell us about your engagement and wedding rings. What was the process like for you? What are your favourite aspects of the piece? 

I always knew that I wanted Cassandra to design my engagement ring and had dropped a million hints to Jimmy.

"I was originally set on a cushion-cut but had seen an emerald shaped ring in a store and it immediately caught my eye."

I had also mentioned that I loved the halo so Jimmy and Cassandra worked together secretly to design my ring.

Still to this day I have people telling me how different and unique it looks and how stunning it is!


With our wedding bands, Jimmy opted for a sleek black band as he wanted something modern that he could wear and that would go with his style.

I knew that I wanted something totally different from my engagement ring but still sparkly, so Cassandra showed me the pink sapphires and I was set! I love both my rings so much!



What was your favourite part of the wedding day? Any particular highlights? 

My personal favourite part was arriving at church and seeing Jimmy for the first time.

I was pretty calm throughout the morning, but once we started our walk down the aisle I just couldn't stop the tears.

Once Jimmy turned around and saw me he started to cry too which made me even more emotional!

It was such a sweet moment and it's so special looking back at the photos when we first saw each other and getting that same feeling all over again!


Where did you go on your honeymoon? 

We spent a week at Hamilton Island.

It was so relaxing and so good to get away from the craziness of wedding planning!

We're glad to be back home now though and back into our normal lives!


Thank you for sharing your special day with us! 

💕  The CM Team