Welcome to our new home-sweet-home!

We have been crazy busy here at the Cassandra Mamone studio and have so much to show you! 

In recent months we have seen the release of 2 amazing collections, launched a new website and been busy designing some of the most exquisite pieces yet (if you haven't seen them we suggest heading to our Instagram page now to check them out! We know you will love them! 

We are so excited about the launch of our Bridal Capsule collection, 10 stunning engagement rings, each piece unique and as beautiful as the woman destined to wear it.

Our stunning new Fine Collection is a combination of delicate white, rose and yellow gold pieces, designed to be mixed and stacked. We love the look these pieces create!

Cassandra's Favourites

Bridal Capsule: The Cushion Cut engagement ring in rose gold. "Classic, timeless and simply stunning!" Cassandra says.

Fine Collection: One of Cassandra's faves (we see her in it all the time - catch her on Snapchat:cassandramam1) is the beautiful Wisdom ring. We know Cass won't be sharing hers, so you can find yours here!

We love our new website, and hope you do also.  As always we love to hear from you! Email us or visit us on Instagram or Facebook.

Kisses from Cassandra Mamone HQ!

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