Emerald Coast


The Cassandra Mamone Emerald Coast collection draws inspiration from one of the most beautiful coast lines in the world, the enchanting beaches of which are world famous.

Travelling has always inspired Cassandra’s design aesthetic, but Italy, more specifically the Emerald Coast in Northern Sardinia, has had the most impact and is reflected in the precious and semi-precious stones in this collection.

From the emeralds and sapphires, resembling the emerald-green waters of the sea, to the white diamonds glistening like the white-sand beaches under the Summer sun. The Mediterranean seaside town inspired blue, pink and yellow sapphires into the magnificent collection which Cassandra aspires to be worn by confident European women with sun kissed skin.

Catering to the requests of clients who are demanding statement diamonds, Cassandra’s designs are applauded for pushing boundaries with her choice of striking shapes and settings, such as heart shaped diamonds and a five carat stone sizes.

Fall in love with the Emerald Coast.