An Italian Wedding: Jessica & Gio

Spring is finally upon us and one thing we're excited about in the studio is wedding season.

What better way to start the season with a dreamy Italian seaside wedding.

If you're looking for a unique wedding ring then this month's jewel will inspire you.

We first introduced you to Jessica and Gio last November when we featured Jessica's custom VINO oval champagne diamond ring.

They recently exchanged vows in the most romantic setting, at a charming little town in Puglia.

This time around, Cassandra had the pleasure of creating a gorgeous 18ct rose gold Leaf Ring for Jessica.

The leaf patterned band feature round diamonds all the way around the band.

As for the groom Gio, Cassandra designed a unique two-tone (white gold and rose gold) wedding band.

Below they shared with us their stunning Italian nuptials and the jewels that they've selected.

Get ready to swoon. 


Where and when did you get married - tell us a little bit about your special day?

We got married on Monday, 16 July 2018 in a beautiful little town called Monopoli in the Puglia region of Italy.

We've always said if we ever got married it would be a small and simple destination wedding and we both had never

been to Italy and wanted to go so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to get married there and then explore!

We had 15 of our family and friends with us on the day from Adelaide, it was super intimate and

special to all of us.

An Italian wedding planner was instrumental in the planning in the lead up to and on the day of the wedding and made

the day a breeze!

The ceremony was held at Castello di Carlo V, an open-air castle on the waterfront, antipasto and drinks followed the

ceremony at a nearby bar and dinner was held on the rooftop terrace of Don Ferrante Boutique Hotel.

The day was extremely hot however with a break between antipasto and dinner everyone was able to do a costume

change and go for a dip in the beautiful water!

Being in another country, experiencing new traditions and culture was the perfect setting for us.

The locals in the streets were clapping and congratulating us and even posing in some of our photos!

A truly unforgettable day with our nearest and dearest and we wish we could go back to relive it all every day!

The town of Monopoli holds a special place in our hearts.




Tell us about your wedding rings. What was the process like for you? 

After not being involved in the making of the engagement ring I personally was excited to start working with Cass on our wedding bands.

I was really unsure about what I wanted but within a few minutes of sitting down with Cass and running through a lot of options the decision was clear and I decided to go with a mixed setting to compliment the Vino band and went with the leaf ring.

I absolutely love that Cass's style allows for mixed bands and that nothing is too crazy for her!

Gio had no idea what he wanted either and because he doesn't wear any jewellery usually, it was quite hard for him but again Cass pulled out a heap of options and it was only a few minutes until him and Cass and designed his two-tone ring!

He definitely isn't a traditional man so the style of his ring suits him perfectly with a curved blend of the two types of gold!

It was really an easy process and so nice to have one less thing to worry about with Cass just taking control and getting it all done!




What was your favourite part of the wedding day? 

It is so hard to pick our favourite part of the wedding day because every part was our favourite!

Of course, seeing each other at the ceremony for the first time and all of the emotions that had built up over the time leading up to the wedding just came out so that was really special during our vows.

Then once the ceremony was over, celebrating with everyone was really amazing and we were so overwhelmed with love!




What are your plans for your honeymoon? 

The bonus of having a destination wedding is the honeymoon starts straight away!

We just arrived back home after approximately 4 weeks of travelling through Europe.

We visited Rome, many towns in Puglia, Amalfi Coast, Milan and Lake Como.

We did a mini cruise through Croatia visiting Split, Dubrovnik, Hvar and Korcula and finished our trip off in Macedonia and Greece visiting Skopje, Florina, Thessaloniki, Athens and the stunning island of Zakynthos!

It was an amazing trip with a beautiful mix of cultures, delicious food and creating lots of memories we will cherish forever!



Photographer: Corrado Franco
Jessica wears the Leaf Ring 
💕  The CM Team