Engagement Feature: Laura & Josh

Engagement stories always make our heart melt and this next one definitely does.

Meet our featured couple, Laura and Josh. They met 8 years ago and got engaged on Laura's birthday last August 2018.

We had the pleasure of designing an 18ct white gold Oval diamond ring with a diamond halo.

As they are getting ready to wed in August 2019, we caught up with Laura as she shares her love story with Josh and put the spotlight on her beautiful engagement ring.

Congratulations to the stunning couple!



How did you both meet? 

In Josh's younger Uni days he worked at a surf store. I went into the store to buy some new bathers for Summer.

Josh took a liking to me and wanted to know who this blonde, tall girl was. He quickly took up the opportunity to serve me.

He gave several different colour/style suggestions before I walked out with the perfect pair. I never knew Josh knew so much on bather designs!

It wasn't until another 6 months later that fate brought us together again! Little old Adelaide tends to do these things!

We started off as good friends where both our friendship circles would spend a lot of time together. There was no such thing as Tinder back then, so Josh had to really work hard to chase me!

He then asked me on a date down the beach, finally just the two of us. From there on we were inseparable and spent hours and hours together.

A couple of months into the relationship I decided to invite Josh back to the farm to meet my parents. My parents soon fell in love with this outback, easygoing Broken Hill boy.

They thought that Josh's personality would help compliment my high maintenance lifestyle.

Josh really didn't know what he was about to get himself into. He got the tick of approval from my family, except for his taste in football teams. This is still an issue from this day on.

So, after 8 years together, we have purchased our first home and are now so excited for our big day in August!


Share with us your engagement story.

It was perfect! Josh proposed to me on my birthday, the 17th of August 2018 in our brand new home. I was in my PJ's in bed that morning opening my birthday presents.

I was reading the birthday card and down the bottom of the card, it said

'Will you be my wife?'.

At this moment my hands were shaking and Josh had left the room and came back in with a bottle of wine, a bunch of flowers and the ring.

He came around to my side of the bed and got down on one knee and proposed to me.

It was a special moment that was nice and relaxed, which suits both of us as a couple.



What drew you to Cassandra Mamone pieces? 

I had been following Cassandra on Instagram for quite sometime before the engagement.

Her designs are very unique, sophisticated and timeless. I feel that she just can't be compared to anyone else in Adelaide. Simply stunning!

I would occasionally drop the hint to Josh on a few designs I liked, but he pretended to show no interest!

He must have picked up on something though, to have walked into Cassandra's doors that day!


Tell us all about the details of your ring, what was the process like for you, what are your favourite aspects of the piece?

He said Cassandra was so easy to work with, and that made him feel as a male at ease with the whole process. She was able to design the engagement ring with a 4-week turnaround.

My beautiful engagement ring is a white gold diamond halo on a knife-edge band. It is perfect!

We are now working with Cassandra on designing our wedding bands. This process has been really lovely to be able to choose our designs together.

I'm so excited to see our finished wedding bands!


Do you have any wedding plans yet? 

We certainly do! We are getting married this year in Noosa, Queensland on the 30th of August.

This is our favourite Australian holiday destination spot where we have shared so many memorable times together there as a couple.

We had said for many years prior to the engagement that this will be the spot we will get married. I can't believe that this wish is about to come true.

We honestly can't wait for our special day where we will share it with our beautiful family and friends.


💕  The CM Team