Engagement Feature: Meggan & Dylan

Meggan and Dylan both met by chance at one of Dylan's music gig and the rest they say is history.

Smitten with each other from the very start, they have beautifully shared their proposal story.

Both Meggan and Dylan came to us to last looking for the perfect forever piece.

Meggan knew that she wanted a Morganite ring.

So Cassandra created a stunning 18ct yellow gold solitaire engagement ring with a round apricot Morganite centre in a six claw setting.

Today, we put the spotlight on the sweet couple and their beautiful ring.




We met through Dylan's work. Dylan is a musician and was playing at my local pub on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

His voice really captured my interest and a girlfriend of mine and I sat and listened to him for 3 hours.

I introduced myself to him and that was as far as it went.

A few days later he found me on Social Media and slid into my DMs.

The following weekend he had shared on his Instagram where he would be playing his gigs for the weekend.

So my girlfriend and I again went to one of his gigs and drank a few too many wines.

Enough for me to build up the courage and invite him to come to sit with us once he had finished playing.

We chatted amongst the three of us for hours, and eventually, my friend needed to leave. Dylan and I stayed and continued getting to know each other.


This continued on for a few weeks and then I invited him to come over to my parents' house (where I was living at the time) and have a cheese platter and some wines with us all there and to be honest, I don't think we have spent a night apart since.

It was instant chemistry, attraction and sparks flew from the moment our eyes connected. I was immediately drawn to his authentic caring nature and his ability to hold a genuine conversation.

I knew he was the one very soon after.


Fast forward 4 months and we discovered we were pregnant with our daughter, Pippa.

It was the best and most welcomed surprise for both of us and Dylan was nothing but super supportive and is the most beautiful daddy.

I fell in love with him a million times over when I witnessed his love for our girl.





I have followed CM on social media for years. Her designs have always spoken to me and true beauty and uniqueness. 

Every piece looked so effortless and like nothing I have seen anywhere else before.

I always had my heart set on having CM design my custom engagement ring.

And I made that extremely clear when I knew Dylan was the one, I gave him no choice where to go!




ur engagement story is simple but super perfect.

It was my 26th birthday, our daughter Pippa was 2 months old and we were absolutely smitten in love in all aspects of our lives together.

For my birthday, Dylan had organised a consult for me with CM to start the process of designing my dream ring.

We went into the studio in Adelaide, and Veronica had sourced 3 beautiful Morganite stones for me to choose from.

I was adamant I wanted an apricot Morganite stone in a 6 cat claw setting in yellow gold and boy did she deliver with the stones. 


After that was all picked, the rest was left up to Dylan as to when he got the ring made and when he proposed.

6 months passed and still no proposal and I was starting to think maybe he was just teasing me and it was all some sick joke!

But on October 1 2019, just the two of us were camping in Deep Creek Conservation Park and it was such a beautiful day.


We went hiking all through nature and it was just glorious.

We went back to our campsite and got our deck chairs and red wine and took them to a lookout that overlooked the valley, and you could see as much ocean as the eye could see.

It was dusk, starting to get a little chilly and we were rugged up watching the kangaroos come out to end dinner.

It was so silent you could hear a pin drop but we were surrounded by nature's true beauty.


Dylan got down on one knee and said a beautiful little story which I can't remember but then he asked me

"do I want to see it"

and I started crying, he opened the box and asked me to be his wife. 

It was perfect, my fiancé was perfect, my ring was perfect, the view was perfect it was just so magical. 

A moment we both will cherish for the rest of our lives. 





This one is a hard one, to define my favourite aspect because it is simply all I have ever dreamt of.

I have had this image of my ring in my head since I was about 12 years old, and no one anywhere had any images of one similar.

No jeweller that I had looked at on social media or anywhere else online had anything remotely similar.

The colour of the Morganite stone is simply stunning. Its earthy reflections are something almost everyone who's seen it comments on. Especially when light hits it, it just shimmers.


My ring is a 3.88ct round apricot Morganite, set in a 6-cat claw setting with a half round band in 18ct yellow gold.

It is simply perfect.

The process was effortless, the team at CM are super wonderful to engage with.

You all really listened to every detail that I wanted and absolutely nailed it.

We felt so welcomed in the studio, and by the end of it left feeling like we had made new friends.

You were all extremely professional but personable and there is nowhere else like it.

From the bottom of our hearts, we honestly can't thank you all enough.

AND we can't wait to come back and design our wedding bands together!




We do!

We are getting married on 10th April 2021 at Barristers Block Winery in Woodside.

There will be roughly 140 family and friends sharing our special day with us.

It is a cocktail reception and we just want it to feel like a big party with lots of dancing and laughter.

Just like my ring, my outfit is simple but unique and I can't wait for Dylan to see it!



Thank you for sharing your love story with us! 


💕  The CM Team