Engagement Feature: Nick & Kartia

We love proposal stories and our next bride-to-be definitely had a proposal to remember.

Introducing our feature couple, Nick and Kartia.

Nick came to us to create a custom engagement ring for Kartia and designer Cassandra created a beautiful Oval diamond ring with a stunning diamond halo inspired by our Tante Amore Ring.

Last month, Nick proposed to Kartia in breathtaking Milos, Greece.

We caught up with Nick and Kartia as they shared with us their proposal by the sea.


How did you both meet? 

The short answer: through a mutual friend.

We were at the Moseley Bar one night in 2014 when Kartia says I made the first move but witnesses say otherwise!


What drew you to Cassandra Mamone for the design of your engagement piece? 

A friend of Cassandra is a former colleague of mine. She had her engagement ring designed by Cassandra.

I guess that was my introduction to her collection.

When I was ready to start looking for a ring, I visited CM's social media and I was blown away with what she had done in the past.

I really wasn't interested in shopping around after that.



Share with us your engagement story. 

Kartia has always been obsessed with the beach. It made sense to incorporate that in my proposal from the outset.

We had planned a European holiday for mid-2019 so I was pretty set on asking her during that trip.

I had arranged a day trip on a yacht while we were in Milos, Greece and had kept it a secret from her thinking she might suspect a proposal.

The crew were in on the secret so it was a bit of fun. On the day of the proposal, I pretended to spontaneously suggest a boat tour.

Kartia was happy to agree but suggested we keep shopping around for other tours or go on a different day which meant I had to be quite stern!

Anyway, I ended up convincing her to jump aboard thankfully.

I had planned to pop the question at our first stop but to be honest, I just wanted to get it done because the ring was sitting in my bag at the back of the boat.

So I got down on one knee as we were sailing along the coast and the rest is history.


Tell us about the details of your ring, what was the process like for you, what are your favourite aspects of the piece? 

The ring is 18ct white gold with an Oval diamond and a halo with a half set of diamonds around the band.

The process was seamless. I had a rough idea of what I wanted and Cassandra brought it to life better than I could have expected.

She was accessible and receptive to my requests no matter how minor.

As with most blokes, I had very little knowledge of this space leading in so Cassandra was really insightful with her answers to my often obvious questions!

In terms of my favourite aspect, it's hard to go past the centre diamond.


Do you have any wedding plans yet? 

We don't have any wedding plans at this stage. For the time being, we are focusing on the engagement party.

It's safe to say the wedding will go ahead in late 2020/early 2021.



Thank you for sharing your love story with us! 

💕  The CM Team