Engagement Feature: Stacey & Adam

Adam came to us back in January looking for the perfect engagement for his partner, Stacey.

Stacey has always loved champagne diamonds and knew that's what she wanted in a ring.

Inspired by our Tres Pedras ring, Cassandra created a three-stone ring with two princess-cut champagne diamonds on either side of the centre brilliant diamond.

We caught up with Stacey and Adam as they share the details of their proposal and put the spotlight on their stunning ring.



How did you both meet?


I had a work dinner organised taking an interstate visitor out to my favourite restaurant, Shobosho.

I work for a wholesale liquor company and just got them on board as a customer so wanted to also show my support. Adam is a part-owner and the chef.


Earlier that day he had posted a photo of a dish on special on Instagram and I commented on it saying I was going to order it that night.

It turns out that Adam had every intention of going home and not working the dinner service - until he saw my comment and decided to stay because he recognised me.

A few months earlier he had seen a photo of me on Instagram and he wanted to meet me. When staff told him to turn it on for our table as we were beginning to do business together, this was his in.

He bought extra dishes out and sent sake our to our table, eventually he clocked off and joined us for a drink.

He sat down next to me in a booth and he flirted, hard!!!! I think I knew I would fall in love with him straight away.


What drew you to Cassandra Mamone for the design of your engagement piece? 

I had told Adam on numerous occasions that if he ever wanted to marry me, it would have to a Cassandra ring!


"I have screenshots of her designs still in my phone from over the years, she's always been my favourite."




Share with us your engagement story. 


Being a chef, Adam is best friends with Scott from Magill Estate and tole me Scott wanted to test out some new dishes on Adam so we were booked for dinner.

I didn't think anything of it. We got dressed up and went for a pre-dinner drink at the Gilbert Street Hotel, a regular for us and where we had some of our first dates.

Next minute two of his mates rocked up to join us for a  beer. I was furious, some date night.

Then they offered to take us to dinner on their motorbikes. I wasn't keen on the idea at all - I didn't want my hair to get messed up, it was in a bun!

I said no million times but then felt rude so decided to roll with it, cheaper than an Uber! For dessert, we were brought a tray of chocolates.

The waitress read out the flavours, the first being peanut butter.


"I always save the best for last so I moved to the other end to start and Adam said to me sternly

"Stacey they give them to you in order for a reason you have to start at the start"

when I lifted the chocolate, it was just a shell and the ring was underneath!"




Tell us all the details about your ring, what was the process like for you, what are your favourite aspects of the piece?



Stacey had always mentioned she loves champagne diamonds - to me, that sounded incredibly expensive!

She had also spoken about wanting a unique ring that no one else would have. So I knew I had to input on the design.

Lucky for me, Cassandra informed me that champagne diamonds were not as expensive as I had thought!

Unlucky for me, my ego took over. I couldn't propose without giving my girl the best!

Two champagne diamonds on either side with one white diamond in the middle sounded like a perfect outcome.

Stacey only wears gold jewellery so it had to be yellow gold too.

Cassandra and her team were excellent going through the process designing it as a collaborative.

And Stacey, Cassandra and myself were blown away with the finished product.



Do you have any wedding plans yet?

They are in the making!! Our dream is to have a small wedding with immediate family and closest friends.

We have spoken to The Summertown Aristoligist about having our reception at their restaurant.

Their small intimate space has been a special place for us and we love their food and couldn't think of anywhere else - in face we had to tighten our list to make sure we could keep the dream and fit!

We have found a beautiful Airbnb - we want to wake up together and get ready together and meet our guests on the farm run by the Aristoligist for the ceremony, followed by an intimate dinner.

No dance floor, Adams not a dancer. The Airbnb has an outdoor bath overlooking the hills, we will probably enjoy a bottle of wine and reminisce over the day at midnight!



Thank you for sharing your love story with us! 

💕  The CM Team

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