Engagement Ring Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

The year 2018 is fast approaching and if you are planning to get engaged, we have put together 5 trends to watch out for next year.

While we’ll always love a classic engagement ring (think solitaires, simple band, and sparkling round-cut stones set in platinum or white gold), there’s always something new and unique to consider.

So if 2018 is looking like your engagement year now’s the time to look into buying or designing your dream ring.

Scroll through below for all the sparklers.


Unique Stone Shapes


Traditional stone cuts such as round and cushion will always be popular, but we're seeing more brides opting for something different.

A heart-shaped diamond ring is one to consider.


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All My Heart Ring


Fall in love with this stunning 5ct Heart shaped diamond set in 18ct yellow gold band.






Trilliant Diamond Engagement Ring


The elegant polished band allows this unique Trilliant diamond to shine on its own.









Marquise Marvel Ring


A stunning centre 5ct Marquise cut diamond in zig-zag princess diamonds halo.





Engagement Eternity Bands


We're going to see brides choosing non-traditional engagement ring with coloured eternity bands.



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Forever Eternity Emerald Ring


This Forever Eternity ring features alternating 5 x 0.38ct green emeralds with round diamonds in a contemporary yet classic setting.





Princess Eternity Ruby Ring


The Princess Eternity Ruby Ring features 5 x 0.38ct  princess cut ruby with alternating round white diamonds in a rose gold setting.






Always Eternity Ring


Go for yellow gold with this alternating 5 x 0.2ct Oval and Brilliant diamonds.



Rose Gold


The rose gold trend is not going away anytime soon. Year by year, we see a demand for this blush coloured metal.

Rose gold metal adds an extra style statement to even the most traditional ring.


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Fine Rose Engagement Ring


Experience the brilliance of this exquisite 2.79ct centre marquise diamond, all set in rose gold.




Perlina Engagement Ring


Perlina ring features a stunning emerald solitaire diamond raised above a beautifully finished milgrain band.






Fiore Engagement Ring


Fiore from the La Donna collection features a brilliant 2.60ct diamond, haloed by colourless diamonds and all set in stunning rose gold.





Oval Cut Diamonds


Forget Round or Princess cut, Oval diamond is taking centre stage in 2018.

 Oval cut diamond is perfect for those that are looking for extra sparkle and brilliance.



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Vino Engagement Ring

A classic Centre Oval diamond, 2.5cts, claw set and beautifully presented on a finely detailed pavé band.







Oval Delight Engagement Ring


Classically styled this 1.5ct oval diamond is surrounded by a halo of diamonds, with diamonds set half way down the band.








Tante Amore Engagement Ring


Featuring a stunning claw set 2.40ct oval diamond, surrounded by a gorgeous halo of white diamonds with a beautifully crafted diamond band.




Three-Stone Ring


When one stone isn't enough. Add an extra bling to your ring with a twinkling trio.

Whether it's an emerald shaped diamond flanked by brilliants or three striking yellow diamonds placed in a row.

There are many cool combinations to choose from and endless possibilities.



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Round Diamond Engagement Ring


Stunning round brilliant diamond set with cat claws and featuring two matching pear diamonds either side.



Oval Diamond Engagement Ring


Oval shaped diamond set with four cat claws and featuring 2 matching trilliants either side.









Vibrant Splendour Ring


Centre round yellow diamonds in an 18ct white gold band.


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xx CM Team