Get To Know These 10 Diamond Cuts

The first thing to do when it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring is choosing the right diamond cut.

Every cut has its own unique character, so it's important for you to find the one that reflects your personal style.

From classic Princess to unique Emerald shape, below you'll find ten beautiful diamond shapes that will make your heart flutters.



The round cut is the most popular and iconic cut for engagement rings among brides today.

A standard round brilliant diamond has 58 facets for maximum light reflection which gives it an unbelievable sparkle.

The shape is timeless and modern in simple settings.

Your celebrity match: Miranda Kerr


Round Diamond Engagement Ring





The second most popular shape after the round, the princess cut is incredibly versatile featuring square-shaped with pointed cut corners and gives major sparkle.

Your celebrity match: Kate Bosworth



Princess Diamond Engagement Ring




Cushion-cut diamonds also know as 'pillow-cut' diamonds have rounded corners and large facets to increase the brilliance of the diamonds.

If you're a more of a traditional bride, opt for cushion cut.

Your celebrity match: Jessica Biel


Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring








The Marquise cut is shaped like an oval with pointed ends which looks flattering on the hand.

Your celebrity match: Victoria Beckham



Marquise Diamond Engagement Ring





The Pear cut diamond also known as the teardrop cut sits in between a marquise and an oval stone which makes it an elegant option.

The unique shape makes smaller carat stones look larger than they actually are.

Your celebrity match: Margot Robbie



Pear Diamond Engagement Ring







The oval cut accentuate long, slender fingers thanks to its perfectly symmetrical shape.

Your celebrity match: Blake Lively


Oval Diamond Engagement Ring







Asscher cut is often called ‘square emerald cut’ for its cropped corners and square shaped.

Your celebrity match: Jessica Alba and Pippa Middleton



Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring







The Emerald cut is all about glamour. The shape is ideal for showing off diamonds with a high grade of clarity and the lean rectangular shape elongates the hand.

Your celebrity match: Amal Clooney




Emerald Diamond Engagement Ring






A Trilliant cut features a triangular shape comprises of three perfectly equal sides.

Your celebrity match: Cameron Diaz


Trilliant Diamond Engagement Ring






A classic symbol of love, the Heart-shaped engagement ring is perfect for someone who's looking for something unique and different.

Your celebrity match: Lady Gaga


Heart Diamond Engagement Ring







The options are endless for a bride-to-be. One thing for sure, you can't go wrong with any of these diamonds.

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Happy Shopping!