Layering Your Laces

So we all know to be stacking our rings this season, right!?! But what other jewellery trends should we be following?

Summer is on its way and it’s time to sparkle in the sun.

Designer Cassandra Mamone says “it’s all about layering our looks.”

Necklaces are no exception and the way we rock ’em is by mixing delicate metals with bold colours.

DO layer your rose gold FINE Wisdom diamond necklace with your white gold or silver ball chain.

DO layer your rose gold charm necklace with your heirloom string of white pearls.

DON’T be afraid to add more!

Cassandra has done it right, with a beautiful string of Lapis beads, personalising her look with her “C” charm necklace and finishing it with her custom Honesty Pendant in white gold and diamonds.