Midi Season

We are so excited to release our Midi collection this Spring!

Some of us ladies in the CM studio got our orders in early for these beautiful little treasures, and the compliments have been endless!

We love them and it’s not surprising that we aren’t the only ones!


The Midi collection reflects the classic Cassandra Mamone style, with slender lines and fine diamonds.



A heartfelt project for Cassandra, the collection draws on childhood memories for the designer, who received her first ring from her parents at 5 years of age.

A beautiful twisted rope style ring in silver, which Cassandra wore on her middle finger for years, but as she grew, the ring came to be too small to fit on any of her fingers, and found its home as a midi ring, on the same finger where Cassandra still wears it today.


This twisted rope design inspired the first of the 10 piece collection created by Cassandra.