Our Favourite Engagement & Wedding Ring Pairings

With so many options to choose from, it's easy to pick a simple wedding band to go with your engagement ring.

However, your engagement ring and wedding band should complement each other depending on your ring's shape and style.

Today we are putting the spotlight on some lovely pairings of our favourite engagement and wedding ring beauties.


Cushion Engagement Ring paired with Sway Ring

A contemporary wedding band makes the perfect match for a classic Cushion cut diamond.


Pink Love Engagement Ring with Eternitá Ring

Contrasting golds can make quite a statement set and is super trendy.


Heart Diamond Engagement Ring paired perfectly with one of our favourites, Sway Ring

Balance this unexpected diamond shape with a curved wedding ring.




From bottom to top: Champagne Luxe Engagement Ring paired here with white gold diamond Eternity Ring and rose gold Leaf Ring

Mix and match different coloured metals for one unique pairing.



Custom Oval Diamond Engagement Ring paired with a platinum band

A simple wedding band will ensure your diamond is the main focal point.



Infinita Diamond Engagement ring paired with our shared claw Eternity band.

Go for elegance with a classic Emerald cut diamond and matching diamond ring.


x CM Team