Postcards From Tropea

Last week we arrived in Tropea, a small town on the east coast of Calabria, in Southern Italy just in time to catch their glorious summer.

Cassandra's family is from Calabria so it was nice to visit but unfortunately we didn't get to visit Cassandra's parents hometown of Roccella Ionica.

As one of Italy's best kept secret holiday destination, Tropea has one of the best cliff side setting we've ever seen. It was an excellent place for a three-day getaway.

We made our way through the beautiful old town centre, indulged in fresh Italian food and discovered gorgeous beaches.



Centro Tropea (the small city streets of Tropea)


An array of restaurants and bars in tiny peopled streets



Southern Italy renowned chilli and prized red onions


Views from the top


Waiting patiently for our Pizza on our first night in Tropea


Tropea views


Can't forget the tanning oil


One of the many stunning beaches


Discovering Tropea beauty



Taking a moment in old town Tropea



Found a rocky cove called Paradiso Del Sub


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