Havana’s Riviera

Havana’s Riviera is a reflection of the colours and vibrancy of the exotic Cuban capital, and the luxury and relaxation of its pristine coastline.

Cassandra has always been mesmerised by Havana’s mysterious beauty, and the vivid use of colour and structural design in Cuban architecture has inspired her to explore new diamond shapes and vibrantly coloured gemstones.

“For the first time, I’ve chosen to design big and bold pieces to reflect Cuba’s vivacious culture, whilst also incorporating delicate detailing and my signature millgrain finishing”, said Cassandra.

The smoky quartz and blue topaz used in the collection are reminiscent of the bronzed skin and pristine blue sea found on the Riviera. While the white, champagne and cognac diamonds emulate the heat of the Caribbean sun, my use of the orange carnelian symbolises the famous Cuban passion.