A Picture Perfect Proposal in New York

Most girls dream of the perfect proposal and the day their Prince Charming bends down on one knee and utters those four perfect words. Picture a beautiful frozen lake, next to the iconic Bow Bridge blanketed by snow in the middle of Central Park, is any girls dream proposal, right? 

For Caitlin, it was one of complete surprise. Dating each other for 7 years, Mark and Cailtin briefly met in 2006 and reconnected a year later and well the rest was history!

Mark had met Cassandra in 2011 during a photoshoot of her jewellery collection and had since admired her work and attention to detail. After Caitlin continuously showed Mark pictures of Cassandra's work, it made choosing Cassandra Mamone to design her ring that much simpler.

Mark knew that after their sixth year together when planning their overseas trip with Caitlin's sisters that it would be the perfect time and place to propose. With the help of his 'to be' sisters-in-law, they steered Caitlin in the direction of the bridge insisting on one last photo before lunch as they were all extremely hungry. And can you guess what happened next?

Mark got down on one knee and asked Caitlin to marry him. Let's just say the reaction from Cailtin was priceless. After uttering "Are you serious?" and "Stop mucking around" she accepted with a teary eye and a soft "Yes."

The beautiful couple is set to be married in March/April 2017 and like the stunning photos taken on the day, we are sure this wedding will be nothing less.

Until next time.

The CM Team