At Cassandra Mamone, we only use naturally mined diamonds and gemstones in all our pieces. 

Diamonds can be classified according to the 4 Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. The combination of these four factors determines the value of a diamond. Every diamond is unique. We abide by a very strict diamond sourcing criterion to ensure we only source highly graded diamonds. All centre diamonds used in our engagement rings are individually sourced and hand-set to ensure the highest quality. Diamonds that are above 50pts (0.50ct) will have a GIA certificate. Cassandra Mamone only sources diamonds SI1 and above in clarity, F and above in colour, with no fluorescence and a minimum cut grade of Very Good. 

* Please note all online purchases of diamond engagement rings will be F in colour and SI1 in clarity. If you would like a diamond higher in clarity and/or colour, please email us for a custom quote at






We are seeking a talented and creative Videographer/Cinematographer to join our team. As a Videographer, you will be responsible for capturing and editing video content to produce high-quality visual media for various projects and campaigns.

The role is based in our studio in Adelaide, Australia. 

Please submit all applications to

Be sure to include in your application a cover letter (no longer than 1 page), a copy of your CV and a reference list.

We'd love to hear from you

All applications must be in PDF format.