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Article: Engagement Feature: Gemma & Harry

Engagement Feature: Gemma & Harry

Engagement Feature: Gemma & Harry

This week's engagement feature is a special one and also one of the biggest secrets in the CM studio. We had to keep this engagement ring a surprise from our very own Gemma, team CM graphic designer!

Harry booked in an appointment with us to design the perfect ring for Gemma.

It also helped that we here in the studio have been sneakily asking Gemma her favourite diamond and ring styles just to get an idea.

Last month, while on holiday in Florence, Italy Harry popped the question to Gemma with a beautiful oval diamond engagement ring. Cassandra created the ring in 18ct yellow gold with a brilliant diamond halo on a knife-edge band.

Gemma and Harry share their love story with us from the first time they met to their romantic Italian proposal. We couldn't be happier for both of you!



How did you both meet? 



Harry and I first met in Year 8, when we were only 12 and 13 years old!

We went to the same high school and were friends up until Year 11 when Harry had recently become single and I suddenly began crushing on him (and his amazing guitar skills) hard haha.

After several months we realised that we really liked each other, although as we were both fairly shy it took a while to admit this to one another!

We started dating properly towards the end of Year 11 (Oct 2008), and 11 years later here we are now!


What drew you to Cassandra Mamone for the design of your engagement piece? 



Ever since Gemma started working with Cassandra I've been admiring her designs on Instagram.

I had complete trust in her to help me with my ring design.

It helped that Gemma had been telling Cassandra which styles she liked the most.

The hardest part was keeping it a secret!


Share with us your engagement story.


We went to Italy for my brother's 30th but decided to do some travelling just the two of us before meeting up with my family.

A few days into the trip we went to Florence, which is a special place for the two of us as 4 years ago we did 3 months of long-distance and Florence was the city where we were reunited - this is why I thought it was the perfect place to propose.



On our second day staying there we hired a Vespa for the day and drove up to a beautiful (and fairly isolated) panoramic viewpoint just outside the city.


"While admiring the view Harry pulled out my incredible ring and asked me a question that we both knew the answer to already!"


Tell us all about the details of your ring, what was the process like for you, what are your favourite aspects of the piece?



" I chose a beautiful design with an oval centre diamond and diamond halo set in 18ct yellow gold. "


Cassandra and the team were very helpful in the design and planning process and gave me great recommendations.

I love how nice it looks on Gemma's finger and that I ended up with a unique piece!



Do you have any wedding plans yet? 



We're having a whirlwind 2019 at the moment with a lot more still to come (getting a new puppy and we're about to become an Aunty & Uncle!) so we're not in any particular rush to start planning the wedding.

However, we'd be most likely be looking to hold it in early 2021.



Thank you for sharing your love story with us!

We're so happy that we get to be a part of it.

💕  The CM Team