Piece Of The Month: Memory Ring

There's something special about commemorating a milestone with a piece of jewellery.

Gifting or receiving a piece of jewellery is always special and will last forever.

One of our clients, Alyse recently gave birth to a baby boy and to commemorate the special moment has chosen the Memory Ring.

Alyse ordered the ring in 6mm white gold with complimentary engraving.

Minimal and stylish, the ring is a jewellery staple and perfect to gift for any occasions. Alyse gifted the ring to her husband for Father's Day last month.

Alyse shares with us her stunning family photos and more details on her Memory Ring.



What drew you to the Memory Ring?

My due date was fast approaching and so was father's day! I was extremely stuck on what to arrange for my husband as his gift for his first Father's Day.

It wasn't too long before that, that Cassandra had launched her Memory Ring collection.

I was scrolling through Instagram for ideas and Cassandra had posted about the Memory Rings and the post mentioned something about the option of having them engraved, instantly I knew that this would have been perfect as a gift for my husband for his first Father's Day!

I wanted to give my husband something extra special as well as something that he could keep forever.



Tell us all about the details of your ring, what was the process like for you, what are your favourite aspects of the piece?

The process was super easy and seamless!

I contacted Cassandra's team via email and mentioned my situation. One of the team members got in touch with me to discuss my options as my due date was so close!

The team went above and beyond to ensure my order was sorted before I went into the hospital, not knowing the due date they were flexible when it came to engraving the details on my husband's ring.

I love that the piece is personal and a keepsake. Something my husband will look at and forever remember his first Father's Day.


What did you engrave on the ring? 

We had my son's initials along with his birthdate engraved in roman numerals.


What does this piece mean to you? 

Celebrating every milestone is special, but nothing beats your firsts as a parent.

It is something my husband will be able to look at forever and remember his first Father's Day.

Also, having it being a piece from Cassandra's collection is even more special.



How many of Cassandra Mamone's pieces do you currently have? 

I currently own eight pieces and my husband owns two.

I have a good range of earrings and rings from the Cassandra Mamone collections.

My favourite items are my rose gold Spear Earrings and my Love Knot Ring from the Australiana Collection, which was both given to me as gifts for my 30th birthday last year.

These are my favourite because it doesn't matter when I wear them or what I wear them with, they are always the perfect accessory!


Which Cassandra Mamone's jewels are currently on your wish list?

That is a good one, for every day and to mix and match with my other Cassandra Mamone's pieces - the Crossover Ring.

But for something a little extra, the Cushion Diamond Engagement Ring, this ring has always been one of my favourites, I can never get sick of this one!


Congratulations Alyse & Biagio on your bundle of joy!

Thank you for sharing your memory with us. 


Photographer: Jessica Mary Photography



💕  The CM Team