Raw & Uncut


Last Friday, 10.01.20: I sat in front of the lens. Nude. Exposed.

You might be asking why I would say yes to be photographed nude; well simply because my intuition tells me to go for it.

Every time I make a decision be it personal or business, I always try to foresee the years to come on how my decision will affect my future self.   

As long as my intuition tells me it's ok, then well, it's ok...


If I had to go back to tell my younger self one thing - it would be that old cliché of 'listen to your gut'.

But I would say, "Cassandra listen to it and don't question it." 

Now at 34 years old, I am behind the lens directing our jewellery campaign shoots. 

So when my friend Alyssa whom I met at Adelaide College for the Arts 16 years ago (Alyssa majored in photography, I majored in jewellery) asked me to do the nude shoot my instincts said YES. 


I am comfortable in my skin so why not? I didn't hesitate at the idea of going nude in front of the camera even though I am quite conservative. 

I wanted to be able to look back at this and be proud of my body. 

Much like most things that motivate me to action I always think about the outcome and how it will make me feel. 


My relationship with my body I have to admit has always been quite good.

However, I believe most of us will always have certain insecurities at some point in time. 

Being raised within a strong family - I was given a lot of guidance and an insurmountable amount of love, but I was always kept in check. 

My parents instilled in me to be fearless in my actions and to make wise decisions. 

This to me means I have grown into an independent woman, who has high values and is comfortable in my own skin.


A word of advice, I would definitely tell my younger self to eat better and lay off the fried foods. 

If I had to go back, I really wish I knew earlier what I know now.

I've learnt that great health is everything and it's important for me to listen to my body. 

It wasn't until I hit 30 that I began my plant-based journey and incorporated it into my lifestyle. 

I truly believe that my body is a temple and I always try my best to treat it as so. 


These photos make me feel powerful and it feels great to embrace and celebrate my body.

I know that it takes confidence, and it's not easy for everyone, but I dare you to step out of your comfort zone and do something today to make you a stronger person tomorrow. 








"I have been wanting to do these nudes as a series because I want all women to feel beautiful and powerful in their skin" - Alyssa (photographer)





"I wanted to photograph nudes in an elegant way; which is why I've chosen to keep all the images black and white"- Alyssa (photographer)




💕  The CM Team


Photographer: Alyssa Fedele @alyssafedelephotography

Get in touch with Alyssa if you'd like to have your photo taken.