The Samudra Collection Is Here

Cassandra Mamone presents SAMUDRA

{Samudra is usually translated as “ocean, sea” and the word itself means “gathering of waters”}.


Shot in Bali, SAMUDRA was designed to capture the luxurious essence of Bali and its stunning oceanic coastlines.

The beauty of the Balinese coastline and stillness of the ocean are mirrored in each individual piece within the collection.

The collection features bold fragmented rings designed with 'glass-like' diamonds and fine, scintillating eternity bands which give light to the contradictions of fluidity and jaggedness.

SAMUDRA’s beauty is undeniable; she is unrestricted, amorous, and a striking embodiment of her namesake.


We are so excited to finally share this collection with you.




"I was inspired by the ocean and all its beauty - the rich blues, the mysterious depths, and the stillness of the water and the crashing of the waves."








"The concept of this collection started in late 2018. I was drawn to the vulnerability of broken glass and the strength of the ocean. There's an edginess to this collection, it's for someone who dares to be different."






"There are so many standout pieces from this collection, my favourites are the Flame Shard Ring and the Pear Ruby Ring - which is my birthstone." 










Thank you to the dream team:


Photographer: Penny Lane

Model: Alice Deren

Makeup: Flora Dickie

Stylist: Lili Francon