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We all know that this timeless piece is the epitome of sophistication, it’s ever so stylish and can be worn for any occasion whatsoever. Dating all the way back to the 1920s these breathtaking bracelets are still as relevant today as ever. But with so much information out there, we thought it would be helpful to pop together a blog that outlines exactly what to look for when purchasing this iconic piece of jewellery.  

What is a tennis bracelet? 

A tennis bracelet is a dainty strand of diamonds that features a symmetrical pattern of these dazzling precious stones. They are fashioned together in various different settings and enclosed with a clasp.

Where did the name ‘Tennis Bracelet’ come from? 

The name was famously coined during the 1987 US open Tennis Tournament. Chris Evert was showcasing her beautiful bracelet during her tournament when halfway through the match, it was noticed that it had fallen off - causing the tennis game to be paused as she searched for it. Tennis icons that followed in her footsteps by wearing their own diamond bracelets during a game, include Serena Williams and Maria Sherapova.  

(featured: Bezel Set tennis bracelet)


Different styles and settings of tennis bracelets? 

The three different styles of settings include: Claw, bezel and channel set. 

Bezel Set: A Bezel setting features a circle mount made from metal to secure the diamonds in place. This is a sturdy option for larger stones or for an active lifestyle - like playing tennis! 

Claw setting: A claw setting consists of two, three or four prongs per diamond to secure the diamond in place without sacrificing on the elegant design of a tennis bracelet. 

Channel set: A channel set tennis bracelet is a popular option as it lines up all the diamonds for a sleek and modern look. The stones are secured along a ‘track’ by two rows of metal, one on the top and one along the bottom. 

(pictured: Claw set Tennis Bracelet) 

What diamonds will my Cassandra Mamone tennis bracelet be set with?

Diamonds can be classified according to the 4 Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. The combination of these four factors determines the value of a diamond. All centre diamonds used in our engagement rings are GIA certified, individually sourced and hand set to ensure the highest quality. We only sources diamonds SI1 and above in clarity and F and above in colour.

Cassandra Mamone only selects colourless diamonds from the top 3 colour grades D - F ensuring that your piece will reflect the brand's timeless and classic nature. Every diamond is unique. Diamonds that range from colourless to light yellow fall within the normal colour range. Within that range, colourless diamonds are rare, making them the most valuable. Subtle differences in colour can dramatically affect diamond value. Two diamonds of the same clarity, weight, and cut can differ in value based on colour alone. Even the slightest hint of colour can make a dramatic difference in value.


How can I style my tennis bracelet? 

This sophisticated piece is a statement in itself and can look perfect when worn alone or stacked up with a few bracelets or even a sleek watch. 

Our favourite accessories to pair your tennis bracelet with include our: 

Diamond cut oval belcher bracelet

No End Cuff

Gold initial bracelet 

Snake chain bracelet 

Or for some serious additional sparkle, stack up a few tennis bracelets!