Here at Cassandra Mamone, we have extremely stringent diamond sourcing regulations and a value we have upheld throughout the years is to not work with lab grown or synthetic diamonds.

Keep reading to find out why lab-grown diamonds are decreasing in value and what a fine jeweller thinks of them… 

What are lab grown diamonds and how are they made?

Lab grown diamonds are man made stones that are grown through a process called Chemical Vapour deposition. This works by taking a slice of a natural diamond and placing it into a heated chamber where carbon gasses begin to latch onto the seed and within a few weeks, you have a ‘diamond’. This is a highly sped up process of what naturally takes place under the earth’s crust over billions of years.

While this sounds like it has a positive impact on the environment, there is actually very little transparency around how much energy it takes to create these man made diamonds. This has raised concern from major diamond experts regarding the ethicality of the process. Chemically speaking, a lab grown diamond has the same makeup that a natural diamond does, their major point of difference is their origin and therefore their rarity. 


How do lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds differ in value? 

Many are drawn in by the lower cost of a lab grown diamond, but there are some important things to consider that may not benefit you long term. 

A precious natural diamond that has been forming for billions of years and requires volcanic eruptions to bring it closer to the earth's surface to be mined, makes your stone rare and extremely valuable. In comparison, mass produced, factory made diamonds are not reliant on nature to be formed and can be created at a rapid rate, rendering their value much lower than a natural diamond.

The greater the supply, the less valuable the product. 


 Are lab grown diamonds a good investment? 

When you purchase a natural diamond, you are making an investment in something that will retain, if not increase in, value over time. Lab grown diamonds are rapidly decreasing in value whereas natural diamonds will always be a rare commodity. Natural diamonds have also stood the test of time and carry somewhat of a protection against market collapse and currency reforms. (Read more on investing in gold and diamonds here). 

For many, the appeal is lost in that such a classic and romantic stone has been reduced to being produced in factories.  

What are my options if a natural diamond is out of my budget?

If a natural diamond is out of your budget and you’re still looking for something that is a sound investment and has a larger spread, we recommend selecting a precious gemstone that is of high quality and value. (These can include white sapphires, coloured sapphires, morganites, emeralds etc)



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