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We always love the conversations we get to have with our clients in our beautiful studios, and a particularly interesting topic has been very popular recently...

“Is investing in gold and diamonds right now a good idea?” 

 And our answer to that, in short, is a resounding yes... Read on to find out why. 

Why should you invest in diamonds and gold in this market? 

Diamonds are a GREAT and stable way to diversify your investment portfolio as diamond prices aren’t as volatile as other commodities such as oil and base metals. Natural diamonds carry somewhat of a protection against market collapse and currency reforms and have stood the test of time and continue to grow in global demand. Diamonds are worldwide converting, where cost and value per carat converts evenly anywhere in the world. These anti-inflationary stones are a secure investment to make during times of economic uncertainty, IF a stone of high standard is selected….

 (Pictured below: Our Cuore Engagement Ring and matching wedding band in 18ct Yellow Gold with a 1ct Pear diamond and a 1.5ct Heart diamond) 

What diamonds should you invest in? 

At Cassandra Mamone we uphold and maintain the value of sourcing you the very best diamonds, this means natural diamonds (not lab grown, that is a conversation for another time), that are at the top of the GIA colour chart and are F and above, and Si1 and above in clarity. This means that your Cassandra Mamone diamonds are some of the rarest and most valuable diamonds on the market. All of our diamonds are GIA certified, this is particularly important when you are investing in diamonds as your GIA chart ensures authenticity and the quality of your stone. 

(Pictured below: Our 18ct Yellow Gold Juliet Engagement ring with a centre Marquise diamond of E colour and Vs1 in clarity) 

 Is gold a good investment? 

Like diamonds, gold too has withstood a great deal of inflation without harm and even served as a currency substitute during wars. The value of gold has only historically increased during unstable times, making now your ideal time to purchase it. With all your Cassandra Mamone pieces you have the option of selecting 9ct or 18ct golds or melting down old jewellery to remodel them into something new. We have seen pieces come through our studio that have been in the family for many generations. Gold is a precious metal that cannot be manufactured artificially, meaning its high value is retained and can be reused over and over again when melted down and can be passed down as heirloom pieces.

(Pictured below: A stunning remodel we created for our client using heirloom stones and gold)

(Pictured below: The before shot of the pieces we melted down and remodelled. Find out more about remodels here )

If you are looking to make a smart purchase that will only increase in value over time, gold and diamonds are a great investment with relatively low risk. 

Get in contact with our design team today at to get started on your special piece.