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L'amour Pear

Sale price$6,890.00
Colour:Rose Gold
Carat Weight:

Carat Weight

Hidden Halo:

Hidden Halo

Oh la la, this is a ring to love and adore. 

A stunning colourless and natural pear centre diamond is sourced just for you and is handset in this elegant design. A dainty half-set diamond band is a sparkly addition to this classic piece. 

Fall in love with the romance of a fine diamond engagement ring. Made with love, to last a lifetime. 

Choose from 0.50ct to 3ct centre diamond in the options below.

Available in 18ct rose gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum.   

  • Colourless, natural, GIA-certified pear diamond option 
  • Polished gold finish
  • Two single claws and a V-cap on the tip of the pear diamond
  • 1pt round diamond band, shared claw set
  • 1.8mm wide
  • Option to add a 1/2pt full hidden halo

A Champagne diamond option is also available, please get in touch with us for a custom quote here.

Why Choose A Pear Diamond?

Pears are brilliant-cut diamonds known for their high sparkle largely thanks to their 58 facets and tear-drop shape. A pear-shaped diamond is a combination of a round brilliant cut and a marquise cut, with a tapered point on one end, beautifully elongating the finger. Symmetry in your pear diamond is a very important characteristic. The ideal pear diamond should have excellent symmetry. 

Did You Know?

Some diamonds may hold more weight in the bottom, which is classified as its 'depth', while other diamonds can be long and thin, or short and wide. It is based on preference, as well as availability, and our expert design opinion, when sourcing a diamond. This description all falls under 'ratios'. 

Out of all of the 4Cs, cut plays a very important role in the overall look and sparkle of a diamond. A perfectly cut diamond is referred to as ideal, meaning it’s not cut too shallow or too deep and allows almost all the light that goes into it, to be reflected back. Giving you a sparkly and beautiful stone! 

Our Metals

All of our pieces are created in 9ct or 18ct yellow, rose and white gold and platinum so you can wear them for many years to come. 

The main difference between 9ct and 18ct gold is the amount of pure gold in the metal. 9ct gold contains 37.5% pure gold, while 18ct gold contains 75% pure gold. This means that 18ct gold is more valuable and expensive than 9ct gold. (Read more about our metals here)

Our Diamonds

Cassandra Mamone only selects colourless diamonds from the top 3 colour grades D - F ensuring that your piece will reflect the brand's timeless and classic nature. Every diamond is unique. Diamonds that range from colourless to light yellow fall within the normal colour range. Within that range, colourless diamonds are rare, making them the most valuable. Subtle colour differences can dramatically affect diamond value. Two diamonds of the same clarity, weight, and cut can differ in value based on colour alone. Even the slightest hint of colour can make a dramatic difference in value.

We only use natural diamonds and will never work with lab-grown diamonds.

This ring is handmade to order.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for this custom-made piece to be completed. Timeframe not including delivery. 

Please contact us via our consult form for any customisations to this piece.

Please get in touch with us via our consult form for any customisations to this piece.

L'amour Pear
L'amour Pear Sale price$6,890.00