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It started out with an innocent Hockey trip in middle school, followed by a small reunion years later, and now, Dylan and Grace are building a lifetime of memories all around the world. We have a feeling their next journey will be their best yet, and are so happy to have played a small part in their story. Read their gorgeous love story below.


When we were 12, Dylan and I both went on a state hockey trip together. At the time, we were both much more interested in sport and having fun with our friends than each other, but I do remember thinking his hair with blonde tips was, and I quote, “pretty cute!”.

A couple of years passed and we both went on another state hockey trip. At 14 years old and a few years in to high school, our list of interests grew with dating thrown into the mix. I now thought Grace was super cute, and made my first move, as we held hands on the bus.

Eight years passed and we bumped into each other at The Royal Croquet Club in 2015. I remember locking eyes with Dylan and he locked eyes with me. We both stared for a while until I said, “you’re Dylan, right?” And he responded, “yes, and Grace?” 

We chatted for the rest of the night, shared our first kiss, and then Dylan walked me to my taxi to say goodnight. 

It seems a bit corny, but it really did feel like fate. Neither of us were looking for someone, but we knew what had landed in front of us was meant to be. 

Not long after, we had our first date, and then the next 6 years followed. We have lived together in the city, the Snowy Mountains, Canada, travelled North America, lived in our van for four months and now we are continuing our adventure together in the Barossa Valley.

What drew you to Cassandra Mamone for the design of your engagement piece?

I knew Grace liked Cassandra’s work, and so I booked an appointment. Cassandra was incredible to work with. I came in with my concept, and she made the whole process an amazing experience. I always wanted to design and get Grace’s ring produced on my own so it was a surprise, and Cassandra helped make this happen!

Share with us your engagement story.

Grace had just landed a new job and we had a week before she started, so this was the perfect opportunity to have a quick getaway in our van to Kangaroo Island. 

For me, this meant I had a few weeks to turnaround a ring design with Cassandra, and I was determined to make it happen and surprise Grace. 

I had no idea what Dylan had planned for this trip, but looking back I should have known something was up! Dylan is such a go with the flow guy, but on this occasion he had planned out our entire first day on the island, which is totally out of character. He is not a planner!

We arrived, found our campsite and cooked dinner together. Dylan suggested we take our dinner down to the beach with a cocktail or two, or three, and watch the sunset. As the tide started to come in, I said “let’s go back now, I am pretty keen to chill”. In fact, I was probably a real pain in the ass! Dylan was so determined to propose on this night, he said “no let’s walk down a little further”. So we did, and Dylan decided to catch a “time-lapse” of the sunset (turns out this was a 40 minute video of our proposal!), which was nothing unusual for him. So I still had no idea what he had planned! After a few more minutes passed and Dylan was looking a little nervous, I started to wander if something might be up. I thought to myself, "don’t say anything", because knowing my loud mouth, I would probably ruin your own surprise! 

So I waited, unsure of what exactly was to come. After a while, Dylan hinted for me to take off my hat and sunglasses without giving too much away. He asked me to stand up, and at this moment we hugged and kissed and Dylan said to me, “I love you so much Grace, and I want to be with you forever”. 

I knew then that he was proposing, as he had told me in the past, he is saving the word forever, until it really is forever!

Dylan dropped down on one knee and said the most beautiful words before asking me to marry him. Safe to say, I said yes!

Tell us all about the details of your ring, what was the process like for you, what are your favourite aspects of the piece?

I absolutely love my ring! The marquise cut with a rose gold band is unique and everything I could have hoped for. For me, what makes it so special is that Dylan chose and produced this with Cassandra on his own.

Do you have any wedding plans yet?

Yes, we have planned a wedding on Grace’s family property in the Barossa next April! We can’t wait to share this special day with our family and friends.


We would 100% recommend Cassandra for anyone looking to find their engagement ring. Her service and the quality is outstanding and all together an incredible experience. We can’t wait to come back to design our wedding bands with her soon!