Engagement Feature: Jaxon & Nicola

A chance encounter leads to a special proposal at Port Willunga beach.

Introducing our latest feature couple Jaxon and Nicola.

Jaxon came to us to create the perfect forever ring for Nicola, a stunning Pear shape diamond engagement ring.

We custom made an 18ct white gold diamond set band with a halo of round diamonds surrounding a colourless pear diamond.

We caught up with Jaxon to look back at the proposal and put the spotlight on the gorgeous Pear ring.

How did you both meet? 

Nicola and I met when I went into her work to buy a pair of shoes.

One of the other retail assistants helped me and when Nicola walked past and said hello I awkwardly blurted out,

"What do you think of these shoes"?

to which she replied, "I like the colour".

Convinced I'd made a fool of myself I bought the shoes and left without any further interaction.

About half an hour later I was walking out of another store in Rundle Mall when I saw her walking with her headphones in, so without thinking too much I walked up and thought it was a good idea to get her attention by grabbing her arm.

Luckily she wasn't completely freaked out by this virtual stranger with cool shoes making physical contact with her and she stopped and we chatted for the next 5 minutes or so.

When we parted ways I couldn't stop thinking about her and reckon I lasted about 2 hours before tracking her down over Facebook and sending her a message.

Again, luckily she didn't think I was too forward and the rest is history. 


Share with us your engagement story.

We had a beautiful lunch with wine at Coriole in Mclaren Vale before heading over to D'arenberg wines for a stroll through 'the Cube'.

All wined out, it was time to hit the road again.

We drove towards the coast to our favourite place in the world, the beautiful Port Willunga beach.

As we began our walk, I stopped dead in my tracks and dropped my stuff,

"I've forgotten my phone".

I lied straight to the love of my life's face! I need to run back and grab it!

Less than impressed, she tells me to 'hurry up' as I ran back up toward the car and grab the ring from its hiding spot.

We made it down to the beach and set up in our favourite cave looking out onto the old jetty and I carefully transferred the ring from my pocket to my beach bag.

I hired my friend Jake to be the photographer for the day to capture the moment.

Everything is set up but Jake was running late and I didn't have reception to communicate with him from where we were sitting.

So cooly (or at least what I thought was cooly) I'm pacing back and forth from cave to water, where I have reception and back, hoping Nicola hasn't picked up on my nerves and erratic behaviour.

Finally Jake arrives and as he sneaks down the ramp in disguise I run back to Nicola and somehow convinced her to come down to the water with me.

I lead Nicola in between the beautiful old pillons of the old Port Willunga jetty and began my speech about how beautiful I think she is and how much I love her.
After about 20 seconds of stumbling over my words I gave up and reached into my pocket to pull out the box.

Nicola, completely confused by this stage asked what it was as I fell down on my knee and managed to blurt out


Just like the movies Nicola's hands went to her mouth in disbelief and the waterworks ensued.

In between the hugs and kisses I think she forgot to say "yes" but I got the feeling that's what she meant when I got back up on my knee to a round of applause.

I pointed out Jake about 20 metres away capturing the happiest moment of our lives so far.

What drew you to Cassandra Mamone for the design of your engagement piece? 

For as long as I can remember, Nicola has made a point of reminding me exactly what kind of ring she wanted and exactly who she wanted it made by!  

Tell us all about the details of the engagement ring, what was the process like for you, what are your favourite aspects of the piece?  

Designing and purchasing the ring was a super enjoyable process. Cassandra and Veronica made sure I understood everything and kept me up to date with all the proceedings.

My favourite part about the ring is the stunning pear centre diamond.

Do you have any wedding plans yet? 

I asked Nicola for a week off before beginning wedding planning to recover from the stress of the proposal plans.

I got about 2 days before she had me writing my invite list!

We are getting married early next year and are so excited to plan it all.


Fierce Engagement Ring / Pear Beauty Ring / Pear Diamond Engagement Ring

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