Engagement Feature: Sam & Kate

In every piece we make, whether it be an engagement ring, anniversary gift or a birthday treat, we instil so much heart and love and we will continue to do so.

We love featuring our clients and their love story, and love goes on. Our clients Sam and Kate recently got engaged back in February. Sam came to us wanted Cassandra's design expertise and wanting something a little bit unique and have a custom feel for Kate's engagement ring.

Cassandra designed an 18ct rose gold round brilliant diamond ring with a four-claw setting. Under the setting Cassandra designed bead set diamonds on opposing sides of the upswept claws.

We caught up with Sam as he looked back at his proposal to Kate and all the details of Kate's stunning ring.


How did you both meet? 

We met through work, we would always see each other randomly throughout the week during work but only with a "hi or how are you?"

One end of year work show, I just thought

"you know what, I'm going to see if I can get to know this girl more, so I went up to her completely nervous out of my mind and started a conversation with her".

Four years later...and we are now engaged and we couldn't be happier.


What drew you to Cassandra Mamone for the design of your engagement piece? 

The attention to detail that she has, it's like no other. They made the process so easy.

They work with you through every detail, explain everything thoroughly and the end result is second to none. 

They also make you feel very welcome in the studio too.

I still can't believe the ring turned out the way it did, it's perfect!



Share with us your engagement story.


So I had the plan to ask Kate to marry me for well over 12 months now, I just knew she was the one from the start.

So I started planning our trip to Fraser Island and knew how perfect would it be to ask her to marry me on one of the largest sand islands in the world!

So on day one of being on the island, I couldn't wait any longer, we had just cooked tea right on the beach and were now sitting back relaxing with a cold drink.


"I walked back off to the car to only return to Kate and just dropped on the knee straight away."

"It was definitely a day I'll never forget."


Tell us all about the details of your ring, what was the process like for you, what are your favourite aspects of the piece? 

The ring is in rose gold, with diamonds mostly all the way around the band.

The round diamond is set in a claw setting.

Coming up to the top of the ring are these claws, which hold the colourless diamond perfectly inside.

Cassandra put some unbelievable thought into this ring, with diamonds on one claw and also on the opposite side claw.

A favourite feature of the ring is, looking at it from the top you can't see any of the details. It is so neatly tucked away until you look at it side-on. 

It is truly a ring you need to see in person, words don't do it justice.





Do you have any wedding plans yet? 

We are in the process now.

On working out our wedding plans, we are very simple people and we don't like big weddings, just something low-key at home around the farm or near the river.

But we will definitely be using Cassandra for our wedding rings in the near future.



Thank you for sharing your love story with us! 

💕  The CM Team


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